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SHMPP has been receiving,
storing, and dispatching
highly flammable petrol products
for over 70 years.
The Pointe du Hoc site
is recognised by
the environmental directive
"High Threshold Seveso II".
Our efficiency
is guaranteed.
and continued improvement
of our site
for servicing our customers.


SHMPP was created in 1947 to meet requirements for ship bunkering and liquid fuels for industry.

The company is specialised in the storage, reception, and dispatch of petrol products with flashpoints above 55°C (diesel, heavy fuel, and liquid sulphur), by pipe or boat.

The Pointe du Hoc site is recognised by the environmental directive “High Threshold Seveso II”.

The SHMPP team (approx. 30 people) is concerned by security, safety, and the environment, with regular training in these domains.

Our commitment: Satisfy our customers by scrupulously meeting their requirements at an optimal cost and in accordance with current regulations.

Strong values

Customer focus



Risk prevention

Storage capacity

We stock petrol products (diesel, heavy fuel, and liquid sulphur) with flashpoints above 55°C.
These products can be either heated or stocked at ambient temperature.

Storage capacities :

  • Tanks with heating facilities
  • Tanks without heating facilities
  • Tanks for liquid sulphur

14 insulated tanks
with heating facilities

Capacity from 500 m3 to 40,000 m3
Total : 213,800 m3

4 non-insulated tanks
without heating facilities

Capacity from 2,200 m3 to 65,000 m3
Total : 157,000 m3

2 tanks for liquid sulphur
with heating facilities

Unit capacity : 8,000 m3
Total : 16,000 m3


3 pumping stations

The storage facilities are connected to two pumping stations (diesel and fuel) for dispatch and reception on the jetties and in pipelines. A third pumping station for liquid sulphur is used for loading ships for export.

3 pipelines

16" Trapil network - Le Havre/Paris
Refinery 16" - TOTAL RN
Refinery 10" - TOTAL RN

3 jetties

Download the PDF file for jetty descriptions
(for information purposes only)

Download the PDF jetty rules & information regarding the terminal and jetties

Maritime bunkering

SHMPP provides a public service for Le Havre port (GPMH) by supplying, via their customers, a range of fuel for ships which stop at Le Havre.


SHMPP has been certified ISO 9001 since 1994 for its quality management system.

We are committed to continually improving our service to satisfy our customers, whilst operating in accordance with current regulations.

The whole team is involved in our quality policy, particularly through training and communication.

Security / Safety Policy

The purpose of our Hygiene, Security, Environment, and Quality policy is to control and reduce risks, preserve the environment, as well as analyse and improve our practices through resolving anomalies, feedback, customer satisfaction, etc.

The word SECURITY is an integral part of our daily activity, and in the forefront of our minds at all times. Our security policy is included in our SSEQ charter.

The SSEQ charter is the pillar of our activity. It is the basis of our human and environmental risk prevention procedure, through training and communication for the management of industrial risks.

Security is everyone’s problem.

Our sites comply with European port safety regulations. They are subject to a plan of regular specific safety tests.

Hygiene / Health

Hygiene and health in the workplace is our utmost priority.

To that end, we have published a single document which identifies dangers in the workplace and evaluates risks. As a result of this analysis, a plan of action to forewarn and protect employees of the identified risks has been developed.

Our employees have regular medical examinations conducted by the occupational health service to ensure the preservation of their health. Internally, our sites are equipped with first aid supplies and a defibrillator. Over half of our personnel have first aid training (Sauveteur Secouriste du Travail).

The company is attentive to the maintenance of a positive social climate, and develops human resource policies which aim for the self-fulfilment of each person in their role.

Environmental protection

The preservation of the natural environment is a central concern for our activity. This approach meets the expectations of our team, authorities, customers, external companies, and the local population.

We constantly control the impact of our activity on the environment (air and water emissions, etc.) We have also undertaken a “SITE CLEAN” procedure, with the aim to have a clean site which manages waste production and selection.

Latest news

In 2017, SHMPP celebrates 70 years of existence, activities and involvement in the port economy of Le Havre.

A big day was organized during the summer time, with its employees, customers and the representatives of the administrations with which the SHMPP works daily.

We were able during this event to make discover our site to those who did not know us yet but also to visit the harbor instalations by boat from our jetty.

This beautiful day of discovery and sharing ended with a festive and friendly evening.

One thank you in all those who came to share this moment of user-friendliness



Stéphane DUBUS
Tél : + 33 (0)2 35 25 80 30

QSSSE department

Emilie JEAN
Tél : + 33 (0)2 35 25 80 40

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